Board of Directors

Ferdinand Ng - Chairman
Anna Martinez - Vice Chairman
Emilie Veringa - Secretary
Kathy de Guzman - Assistant Secretary
Leila Rispens-Noel - Treasurer
Luz Tan - Assistant Treasurer

Youth Committee

Guy Lockwood
Kirsten Nicola Hill
Raisha Asnani
Resham Daswani
Zahra Jamshed


Joy Tadios-Arenas
John Bowdre
Myrna Pama Hill
Richard Rispens
Samy Razim
Sonia Zerrudo

Floyd Lau - Honorary Chairman

International Advisory Board

Zorra Espero, Chicago, USA
June Noel, Montana, USA
Laura Meins, Rome, Italy
Katrina Marino, Hong Kong
Soukeyna Ndiaye Ba, Dakar, Senegal
Wim Rispens, The Netherlands
Gerard de Vries, The Netherlands
Lonneke van Zundert, Singapore

Friends of WIMLER

WIMLER HK has no paid staff at the moment so we largely work with volunteers. We are fortunate that many Filipino migrant workers have volunteered to help us in the conduct of migrant capacity building.

We have many regular donors for our Send a Child to School Program which sustain our yearly commitment to send hundreds of underprivileged children in the Philippines to school.