Send a Child to School

Since 2006, WIMLER Philippines has been assisting the education of poor children. Thanks to the support from donors and and sponsors of WIMLER Foundation Hong Kong, we are able to send more children to school since 2011.

Programs: Educational support for less privileged but deserving pupils and students.

Migration and Development

WIMLER works with other like-minded organizations to address migration-related issues, as well as in harnessing the potentials of migrant remittances for countryside development.

Programs: Financial literarcy for families left behind and migrant returnees, social entrepreneurship, linking microfinance institutions and Filipino migrants, savings and investment mobilizations, diaspora philantropy, capacity building of OFWs and families, return and reintegration, policy advocacy

Financial Literary and Social Entrepreneurship

Job creation through micro and small entrepreneurship is one way to financially empower the poor, especially women. WIMLER Philippines believes that by educating the poor on how to manage their meagre resources and debts, combined with livelihood activities, we can help them rise up from poverty.

Programs: Financial literacy, entrepreneurship, how to start a business enterprise, savings.

Youth Leadership Program

WIMLER Philippines help out-of-school youths by providing them leadership skills and training. For in-school youth, WIMLER will conduct leadership training with the objective that they develop attitude and character to become useful and active citizens.

Programs: Youth leadership training, summer workcamp, skills training