Poverty disadvantages the poor. As many as 1.7 million Filipino children in the 7-12 age brackets are out of school, mostly coming from the poorest provinces in Mindanao.

“Although public elementary education is free, school-related expenses like transportation fare, snacks, lunch, school supplies, and other materials are beyond the financial capabilities of the poor,” says UNESCO.

For every 100 Filipino schoolchildren enrolled each year, 66 will complete elementary education and 42 high school. Only 14 will earn a college degree.

The UN Declaration of the Rights of a Child, Principle 7 says, “The child is entitled to receive education.” However, many children of poor families in Mindanao are not able to go to elementary school. Wimler tries to help through our Send a Child to School Program.

It does not cost a fortune to send a child to a public elementary school.  In our area of operations, all we need is US$75 -100 (Euro 35-50) per year to buy a child to a new set of uniform, a school bag, a new pair of shoes, text books, school supplies, and some funds to pay for small school contributions.  We provide the most basic things they need for school and encourage the parents to provide the rest as much as possible.

WIMLER aims that eventually parents have means  to send their own children to school so we also address their needs.  We collaborate with other like-minded organizations  in providing  the parents of these children with an alternative livelihood program, which starts with gender and entrepreneurial training before they actually go into small business.

Make a difference by helping a child get a better life.

It takes a little gift to help a child get out from poverty. A child needs at least  US$ 75-100 (Euro 35-Euro 50)  to get a whole year elementary education.

As sponsor, you will receive individual information of the child you sponsor. At the end of the year, you will also receive a school report, signed by the school principal.

WIMLER aims to form a group of caring people worldwide who will commit to support the education of at least one child each until she or he finishes elementary or higher education. The idea is simple: ONE CHILD AT A TIME – one simply takes care of the education of one child and then asks another friend or family member to take care of another child, and so on and so forth, forming a chain of people united by their common desire to help children acquire basic education. Eventually, as the number of these caring people grows, we can help more children in developing countries and ensure that no child is left behind.

There are many foundations that support the education of poor children in developing countries. You may choose to channel your assistance to the foundation of your choice. The most important thing is that the money you give is used to provide education of poor children in developing countries.

Support the work of WIMLER in Mindanao

You may also wish to support the work of WIMLER in Mindanao, an island in the southern part of the Philippines where poverty is highest in the whole country. We support children from Christian, Muslim and indigenous communities whose parents have no regular income or earn less than two dollars a day.

To donate, simply click here and choose how you could make a difference to a child’s life.