Randolf Empal

4th Year, Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting

My educational journey has been through ups and downs because of the corona virus pandemic. I lost my job at the university, which covered my tuition fees. I also lost my scholarship since I changed my program from Bachelor of Science in Accountancy to Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting because of personal reasons. On top of that, my parents got into an accident last summer and they could no longer provide financial support. These events made me think if I should continue with my studies. I lost hope at that moment. I do not know what to do anymore.

The only thing that came to my mind to lessen my burden was to ask for help from WIMLER Foundation, which supported me until I finished high school. I sent a message to Ma’am Leila Rispens-Noel and explained my predicament, hoping someone could hear my narrative.

Thank you.

These words are not enough to describe how grateful I am when I received the good news.

To WIMLER, thank you for being an instrument of hope to every student like me. Thank you for sharing my story and struggles. Thank you for giving us hope.

To my anonymous sponsor, thank you for hearing my story. This message intends to convey my genuine gratitude for reminding me that there is still hope in life. Thank you for the unconditional support. I may not be the best student in our college, but I assure you I have the determination to finish my studies. Thank you for your trust. I am almost done with my college journey. By God’s grace, I will graduate next year. For now, I will make use of this opportunity to finish my degree and to win a successful job.

WIMLER Scholar John LLoyd Tamse

John Lloyd Tamse

3rd Year, Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering

I began my educational journey with WIMLER family when I was still in elementary. The scholarship was very helpful to me and my parents, who have difficulties sending me to school. WIMLER’s support continued when I was in high school until today. I realized that this glimpse of hope turns out to be the vessel of blessings in achieving my dream. But, last March 15, 2020, Covid-19 pandemic arise, and everything was not in favor of humanity, especially for students. I was afraid my sponsor could not support me anymore because everyone was affected economically. I accepted the fact that maybe this the end of the support from WIMLER. But praise God to the life of mam Leila Rispens-Noel. I messaged her along with my letter of thanks and school report. She said she will find a sponsor for me. Her words comforted me and lit hope to my academic journey.

To WIMLER family, especially to Mam Leila Rispens Noel and mam Emilie, thank you so much for the support and love. Thank you for being kind-hearted and being part of my greatest life’s breakthrough. Thank you also for helping my parents in buying the things I need in school: electronic components, tools, and learning materials such as books. This may not equate to your efforts and shared resources, but I pray God will bless you more.

I am currently a 3rd year student taking BS in Electronics Engineering at the University of Southern Mindanao. I admit I am not the best student, but I am determined to finish my studies and strive harder in life. By God’s I will finish my college in two years from now. Right now, I am doing my best to study harder despite of online classes to at least compensate all your efforts. God bless everyone and Stay Safe!

Kristine J. Abellar

Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education – Major in Mathematics
Batch 2019-2020, Southern Baptist College

To my family, especially to my parents. Ma and Pa, thank you so much for your unending support and sacrifices. To Wimler Family, WIMLER Foundation Hong Kong Ltd., Ma’am Leila Rispens-Noel, to my anonymous sponsor, Ma’am Ana Marie A. Noel, Sir Cyrel Defensor, and Ma’am Frelyn Padios Rico Gonzales, thank you so much.

From Grade 5 until I entered college, WIMLER supported my studies. Imagine, I was their scholar for eleven years. The support was enormous. WIMLER has been supporting many children like me. Without their support, these children are just roaming around in the streets deprived of a better future. Thank you WIMLER for helping some of them.

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge HIM, and HE shall direct your paths.”

Proverbs 3:5-6

I finally graduated today.

Ganisah T. Salic

Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology
University of Southern Mindanao

I am Ganisah Tingzon Salic, 21 years old. I earned my BS Accounting Technology from University of Southern Mindanao (USM) Kabacan, Cotabato.

Way back in 2014, I was a high school student and not sure about making it to college because of poverty. I dreamed of finishing my education, but I couldn’t think of any other way to achieve my dream. Sometimes, random thoughts came to my mind. Even during high school years, it was already an uphill climb and filled with sacrifices. How much more will it be during college? Will I survive? Can I cope with stress and meet all demanding school requirements and expenditures? The door for a bright future seems to get smaller and smaller, accompanied by fear and doubt I would ever make it.

Not long enough, this season comes to pass. What is yours will be yours. God says, “no eyes have seen, no ears have heard, no mind have perceived what I have planned to those who love me.”

I held on to this promise until finally; the sun shone. It is when WIMLER Foundation HK became part of my life. For me, this foundation is the answer to my prayer. As a scholar, it was not just all about the gratitude, financial support, and good grades. WIMLER also amazingly builds relationship among people, society, and environment. As one of those luckiest scholars chosen, I am pleased and privileged to learn and grow more through different workshops and seminars WIMLER conducted that promote social awareness and youth empowerment. They also taught us entrepreneurship and inculcated the spirit of giving back.

I became a WIMLER volunteer, and through its community outreach programs, I began seeing lives of other people. I thought, I am unfortunate compared to others. When I saw the indigenous children in Kanibong struggling with their studies, I learned to appreciate what I have and hope to give back someday. Because of this scholarship, I could finish my college education! I remember something on one of our seminars, it says, even how strong the waves and how hard the journey may be, just continue rowing. You’ll get there if you won’t stop. Row, row, row!

John Patrick Laspiñas

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
Class of 2018, Cor Jesu College, Digos City

Thank you so much, WIMLER Foundation!

Thank you because without your support, I could not finish my college education. Thank you for your trust and benevolence. And of course, thank you to my ANONYMOUS sponsor. I hope to meet you one day so that I can thank you personally. However, if you wish to maintain your anonymity, the best way for me is to pay forward. I could become a WIMLER sponsor one day and replicate your generosity to help poor but deserving students. I am honored to be the first-ever college graduate of your foundation.

Since I had to wait for a year before my graduation, I tried looking for a job. As if helping me graduate was not enough, WIMLER also referred me to a company where I worked for more than a year whilst preparing for the Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examination (CPALE). My employment really helped me fund my review expenses. However, fate was not on my side. I was not included in the 16.46% who passed the CPALE. I already perceived employment opportunities while taking the exam and while waiting for the results. But when expectations did not meet the reality, I was shattered. I did not know what to do. The future now is uncertain. A little ray of sunshine touched my life when my college friends told me about a Job Order post opening in the Provincial Accounting Office of Davao del Sur. Even if the pay is significantly lower than that of what I expected if I passed the CPALE, I still took it for experience.

During my stay in my current post, I hatched a new plan. I would take the Civil Service (CS) Examination, pass it and become a regular employee. When I am a regular employee, salary is higher and more benefits are accorded. This would include study leave to take the board exams. This new plan would prove futile as few days before the CS exam, the pandemic happened postponing the exam. No CS exam pushed through since the pandemic started. Everything halted and again, the future seems darker.

However, there are things we need to be grateful about. Being able to wake up every day is a blessing worthy of appreciating since not everyone is lucky enough to survive the pandemic. The road to our dreams is never an easy journey. We may face a lot of obstacles, such as failing the board exam and the corona virus pandemic, but we also meet amazing people behind WIMLER Foundation who extend their helping hands.

As WIMLER scholars, we must continue with our journey because we owe these people not only our appreciation and thanksgiving but also the promise to continue reaching our dreams despite everything.